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Diesel Max

Maximize Your Diesel Engine Performance With Diesel Max – Premium Diesel

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Power. Performance. Protection.

Whether for your road fleet or job site equipment, you need to get the most out of your diesel fuel. Which is why Bear Oil Company makes sure your diesel fuel always delivers power, performance, and protection. The detergent cleaner with lubricity helps get the most of today’s cleaner burning fuels. No need to mess with additives yourself, Diesel Max is already pretreated - the perfect blend to maximize your diesel engine performance. Now available exclusively at Bear Oil locations' pumps and on-site fueling service delivery direct to equipment on job sites.

Solving the problems with modern day diesel fuel

Ultra low sulfur diesels are more prone to water and bacteria contamination causing fuel injectors to wear out faster, lower fuel economy, poor engine performance, and increased wear on fuel filters.

Diesel Max Delivers

  • Cleaner injectors by removing internal and external deposits
  • Lower cost to maintain fuel filters, fuel pumps, and injectors
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Restored engine power and performance
  • Protection for fuel pumps and injectors


Bear Oil Diesel Max premium diesel