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Tank Monitoring

Use cutting edge technology, so you never run out of fuel!

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Leave The Fuel Ordering to Us

Automate your fuel ordering with Bear Oil Company's tank monitoring services. Advanced technology monitoring eliminates the guessing game allowing for accurate, reliable, real-time measurements maximizing fuel efficiency. Cloud-based fuel consumption management allows for easy scheduling of delivery, fuel type and amount. The monitoring option allows for automated delivery so you get the fuel you need exactly when you need it, even durning most emergencies. Automate so you can optimize- no more waiting on fuel deliveries, running out of fuel or wasting time stick measuring tanks or stopping to order fuel.

Our tank monitoring services measure the most important data points to keep your operation running at maximum efficiency. The information monitored and reported with task monitoring services include:

  • Fuel Type
  • Current Fuel Volume
  • Days Until Empty
  • Capacity
  • Tank Location
  • Alarm Level Notification

Monitor Fuel From Any Device

With the new mobile app for both Apple and Android devices, you can select any tank site and find out valuable information, such as current fill level, average daily use and days remaining. You can also use a real-time mode to get more frequent readings, allowing for constant updates while on site.

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