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Fueling Tips For Fleets

Diesel Fueling

Fuel management is important for fleets of vehicles. Especially those that maintain essential services such as electricity and telecommunications. Optimizing fuel use not only reduces costs but also improves fleet productivity.

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Hector Antopia - Celebrating 25 Years at Bear Oil Company

Hector Antopia

For the last twenty-five years, Hector Antopia has tirelessly worked as a Hazmat Driver for Bear Oil Company. The humble man began his career when he was hired on the spot to haul fuel for the company.  

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How Your Business Can Prepare For Hurricane Season

hurricane evacuation route

Businesses located in Central and South Texas must protect employees, customers, and property during Hurricane season. The season begins in June and runs through the end of November. This means staying vigilant almost half the year. You need a plan should a storm threaten the Texas coast with heavy rains, flooding or tornados.

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Why You Need a Fuel Tank Maintenance Schedule


Whether you fill up at a station, have equipment fueled onsite, or have your own tank - fuel quality is important. After all, fuel is vital to your operations and the health of your equipment. But maintaining fuel quality isn’t easy, as water from rain, condensation, or humidity can make its way into your tank. Fuel quality issues aren’t always easy to spot either. In fact, a lot of businesses have contaminated fuel and don’t even know it. That’s why it’s important to learn about the signs of poor fuel quality and how to address them.

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5 Ways Your Business Could Benefit from A Fuel Monitoring System

Bear Oil Employee with diesel pump

What if you had a deadline for a huge project and something set you back. Or you couldn’t show up for customers that depend on your service? Would you do everything in your control to prevent this from happening? And what impact would this have on your reputation and bottom line??

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The Easiest Way to Reduce Your Fuel Costs and Increase Productivity

Fuel Management System Display

Fuel is key for any business that operates fleets of equipment. From a waste company with hundreds of trucks to a trucking fleet with only a handful. Fuel means power, and it’s a necessity. Fuel often makes up over 10% of a company’s total budget. But few fleet managers or owners know the details behind their fleet’s usage. And with high prices and economic uncertainty, it’s important to find ways to save on cost.

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5 Ways a Fleet Card Program Can Improve Efficiency in 2023


As we approach the end of 2022, are you looking for some innovative ways to welcome the new year with better productivity and optimized operations? In today’s rush, rush, rush world, any convenience or advantage we can find to make the path a little smoother and more efficient is a welcome one. In a nutshell, that’s what a fleet card program can do for you. If you are managing over-the-road drivers, fleets of work trucks, or even equipment, then you may need to explore the benefits of a fleet card program. Maybe you already have a fuel fleet card program. If so, you should regularly compare the costs and benefits of your program to others available to make sure you are getting the best deal.

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Cold Weather Alert for Diesel Fleets in Central & South Texas

Cold Weather Alert

Here are a few quick tips on combating the potential impacts cold weather has on your diesel fleet.

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South Texas Diesel Supply Shortage Update


How Will ‘Diesel Shortages’ Affect South Texas Diesel Fuel Buyers?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about a “Diesel Shortage” but what does that really mean? Below are a few quick details you should know along with tips for diesel buyers to make sure they have enough fuel to keep their equipment and fleets going.

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What to Look for in a Fuels and Lubricants Supplier in Texas

Onsite Fueling

As a Texas business owner or company decision maker, it’s your job to seek out partnerships with vendors that give you a competitive advantage. After all, if you are pledging to use a product or buy supplies from a vendor, you expect to get value beyond just a fair price in return. The bottom line is making sure your operations, and more importantly, your profit and loss statement stay healthy by finding partners you can count on to provide necessary supplies when and where you need it.

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