Bear Oil delivering fuel to equipment tank

On-site Fueling

Never have your operations stop due to fuel. Save time and money by fueling your equipment on-site.

Bear Oil Small Truck diesel delivery

Embracing The Concept of On-Site Fueling Services

Bear Oil Company understands uptime is everything for business productivity and profitability. That’s why we offer high-quality on-site fueling services for our customers.

Our services can go beyond delivering fuel to your on-site tanks. Our team of professionally trained drivers can fuel your on-site tanks, construction equipment, trucks, generators and refrigerated trailers (reefers).

We provide on-site fueling services so when your workers arrive, they can get to work and stay focused on the task at hand. The overall reduction in labor costs and increase in productivity will increase your company’s profitability.


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Save Time

We schedule our professional drivers to arrive at your location at a convenient time. In many cases it is before your work crew is on-site. Your Bear Oil dedicated account manager will help pre-plan the fuel types and equipment or vehicles to be serviced so no time is wasted.On-site fueling helps maximize uptime and increase productivity.

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Save Money

On-site fueling can provide real cost savings. When daily labor savings are calculated annually over an entire job or fleet, the cost- savings can be real money savings and have a significant positive impact on the budget.

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Increase Safety

Safety practices are of utmost importance in dealing with fuel products. Bear Oil Company takes safety very seriously by training drivers and maintaining compliance at all times. Utilizing our professional drivers for on-site fueling reduces risks for your business or job site.

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