Tank Monitoring

Buying fuel when you're out keeps you vulnerable in an unstable fuel market.

Allowing Bear Oil Company to help you monitor your fuel storage puts the control back in your hands. The power will be in your hands to make the best and most economical fuel decisions.

Increase Efficiency

With Bear Oil Company tank monitoring, you’ll be able to stop wasting money on small loads of fuel. You’ll know when your tanks are ready for a load and you will save money, time and stress by ordering the right amount of fuel at the right time.

Advantages to tank monitoring include reducing your delivery costs, improving efficiency and boosting billing and accounting functions. As a business owner, you’ll appreciate being able to analyze current and historical tank level data, as well as utilizing reports and alerts to manage and mitigate delivery issues and costly stock outs.

With the new mobile app for both Apple and Android devices, you can select any tank site and find out valuable information, such as current fill level, average daily use and days remaining. You can also use a real-time mode to get more frequent readings, allowing for constant updates while on site.

tank monitoring picture