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Fueling Tips For Fleets

Diesel Fueling

Fuel management is important for fleets of vehicles. Especially those that maintain essential services such as electricity and telecommunications. Optimizing fuel use not only reduces costs but also improves fleet productivity.

Here are a few of the best ways to manage fuel usage. By following these practices, fleet managers can streamline operations and ensure reliable service for their customers.

Diesel tank with fuel management system

Fuel Selection Strategy

Ensuring that each vehicle within the fleet is in working order requires fuel management. Bulk delivery of fuel to an on-site fuel tank can ensure the fuel is readily available when needed. Knowing there is a supply of fuel that is accessible to the fleet’s drivers can save time and lower fuel costs.

When drivers are out on the road and unable to refuel at on-site bulk tanks, there is an alternative. A universal fleet card is a great way to refuel. And most gas stations accept fleet fuel cards. Having a fleet card that works everywhere is also important when drivers are called out to rural areas. Fleet Fuel cards allow fleet managers to collect data and track fuel consumption and costs.

On-site equipment fueling is another option used to prevent fleet downtime. Supplying the vehicle directly on site can cost more than bulk delivery. But it has its advantages when it comes to reducing the amount of time drivers spend at gas stations. Depending on the circumstances this may be the preferred method

Another strategy to consider is fueling generators. Generators can be at the base of operations or in various locations where there is a loss of power. Depending on the type of generator, the fuel is stored so that it is always ready in any situation you need power.

Fuel Consumption Tracking

A fuel management program helps companies track their fleet’s fuel consumption. Remotely monitoring fuel tank levels is important so that fleets have the needed fuel. Tracking fuel usage helps optimize routes to ensure vehicles are operating efficiency.

Fleet Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures the engine receives a consistent supply of fuel, allowing it to operate at its potential. This includes fuel tank cleaning, filter replacement, and fuel line inspection Diesel additives or Premium Diesel fuel such as Bear Oil Company’s DieselMax helps to maintain clean fuel pumps and injectors. Inspecting fuel tank equipment such as pumps, filters, hoses, and nozzles is critical. Detecting problems early can prevent them from becoming bigger issues. Things such as checking tire pressure can also assist with efficient fuel usage.

Driver Safety

Train drivers to safely maneuver the vehicle in emergency and everyday situations. Following speed limits can also promote safety and can help with fuel efficiency. Safety when fueling up is imperative for the driver, the vehicle and the surrounding area. Parking the vehicle with the engine shut down and electronics off is an extremely important safety measure.

Select a Reliable Supplier

Whether fueling a storage tank or generators it is important to select a reputable supplier. Consider different types of fuel purchases to best fit your situation, The supplier will understand the needs of your company and can meet the demands of the fleet.

Bear Oil Company

Bear Oil Company is the Right Choice

Bear Oil Company is a full-service fuel and lubricant supplier. We service fleets at temporary and permanent job sites in Central and South Texas. You can expect our drivers and dispatchers to deliver fuels safely and efficiently. We help you streamline your operation with custom solutions and cost saving measures. Our mission is to be your full-service fuel and lubricant supplier. With innovative technology and data management Bear Oil Company has remained an industry leader. Our services include on-site fueling generator and reefer fueling, as well as tank monitoring equipment and fleet cards. Products include bulk delivered fuels, premium diesel and lubricants. Contact us today for more information.

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