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Hector Antopia - Celebrating 25 Years at Bear Oil Company

Hector Antopia

For the last twenty-five years, Hector Antopia has tirelessly worked as a Hazmat Driver for Bear Oil Company. The humble man began his career when he was hired on the spot to haul fuel for the company.  

Hector and diesel fuel truck

Now twenty-five years later, he still enjoys the daily routine of going to the fuel terminal, loading up, and heading out to see customers. Either dropping off fuel in their underground tanks or pumping out into above ground tanks. 

There are many precautions to take when it comes to handling gasoline or diesel. Hector noted he has learned it is important to remain calm and be respectful of the public when you are driving a fuel vehicle. “It’s not like it’s a dump truck or other company vehicle - it’s a fuel truck and you have to respect it,” he said.

Hector and Nelson

And when it comes to respect, he has quite a bit for his employer. “Never met a man like Nelson," the President of the company. "He treats everyone with respect, he’s never just a boss,” he added.

Through the years Hector has seen many changes in the industry mainly regarding safety and equipment. His fellow employees would acknowledge that Hector is an expert and very serious about following all the rules because safety is paramount when it comes to this job.

“I remember when there was no air conditioning in tanker trucks. It was just how it was back then,” Hector said with a smile.

The husband, father of three grown children and three grandchildren enjoys most being at home with his family and just being outside. He commented, “before work-life balance was a popular thing, this company always provided the opportunity to spend more time with my family than most jobs. I always felt like I fit in with the Bear Oil Company.” 

Bear Oil Company is celebrating Hector Antopia for his twenty-five years of service at the company. Bear Oil is proud to have him as one of our most exemplary employees.

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