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Why You Need a Fuel Tank Maintenance Schedule


Whether you fill up at a station, have equipment fueled onsite, or have your own tank - fuel quality is important. After all, fuel is vital to your operations and the health of your equipment. But maintaining fuel quality isn’t easy, as water from rain, condensation, or humidity can make its way into your tank. Fuel quality issues aren’t always easy to spot either. In fact, a lot of businesses have contaminated fuel and don’t even know it. That’s why it’s important to learn about the signs of poor fuel quality and how to address them.

First, the signs. Fuel contamination can come from water and bacteria. This means it is often difficult to spot. Sometimes we may think the equipment is having a bad day or chalk it up to bad luck. But all these small issues could be telling you something. Take engine performance for example. If your engine is running rough or you notice a drop if fuel economy, it could be a sign of low-quality fuel. Other signs include changing fuel filters or injectors early. These issues could be costing you thousands in repairs and maintenance. Not to mention the cost of wasted fuel due to poor engine performance.

So, we know what to look for when it comes to poor fuel quality. How do we prevent issues with fuel quality? The easiest way is to practice routine fuel tank maintenance. The lower sulfur content in highway and dyed diesel make is more prone to water contamination. Biodiesel also has higher water levels compared to standard diesel. For these reasons, water and microbe contamination can become a serious issue for diesel equipment. This could impact fuel tanks at your site, or the fuel tanks in your individual pieces of equipment. If you use fuel, you need a maintenance schedule to contamination. And if vehicles have contaminated fuel, you risk lost revenue, and equipment failure.

Let’s look at some ways to establish a fuel tank maintenance program for different types of fuel tanks.

Contaminated filter and a filter treated with Diesel Kleen

Above-ground Fuel Tanks

If you have a fuel tank at your yard or jobsite, this section is for you.

  • Inspect tank equipment every year. Maintain and clean monitoring equipment, seals, tank caps, hoses, and nozzles. This will help keep water from entering your fuel tank.
  • Treat your tanks once a quarter with PowerService Clear Diesel. This is a great way to prevent or treat water and microbial contamination. It also helps stabilize the diesel which lengthens its self-life. If you find microbial growth, immediately treat with PowerService BioKleen. This will deter any bacterial growth. Also, take a sample of fuel from your tank to check for water. You can also ask your fuel supplier to stick the tank with water finding paste to see if your fuel has water. A quick check of the seals around your tank equipment will help keep water from entering the tank.
  • Use PowerService Diesel Kleen to boost diesel engine performance and fuel economy. It helps keep fuel injectors clean and your diesel fuel stable. Depending on your fuel usage, apply this at least once a month. The easiest way is to ask your fuel supplier to apply this every time they refill your tank.

Fleets of Vehicles & Equipment

A fuel maintenance schedule is not only for above ground fuel tanks. Treat fuel tanks on individual vehicles as well.

  • Use a product such as PowerService Clear Diesel to prevent and treat water in your fuel tank every quarter.
  • Treat with PowerService Diesel Kleen every time you refuel. This will increase fuel economy and performance. It will also clean your fuel injectors and boot your engine’s power. If you refuel at a retail station, keep a case of PowerService in the vehicle. Your fuel supplier can also provide this product during their on-site refueling visit.

Special Winter Maintenance For Diesel Users

Cold weather impacts all diesel users. Diesel begins to gel at 32F which could make vehicles difficult to start. Use PowerService Diesel Fuel Supplement anytime you expect winter weather. And have PowerService 911 in case gelling does happen.

If water is present, freezing will cause issues which could make fueling your fleet impossible. Test your tank for water before any freezing weather occurs. During the winter months use PowerService Diesel Clear to prevent water contamination.

Container of Diesel Kleen

What to do if I find water in my fuel tank?

As you know, water contamination is a serious issue. It decreases fuel efficiency and causes corrosion in your vehicle’s fuel system. What should you do if you find water in your fuel tank? If it occurs in your equipment, drain the fuel system and have it inspected by a mechanic. If you notice water in your tank, use a tank cleaner such as PowerService Diesel Clean.

As you can see, fuel tank maintenance is very important – saving you time and money. It helps improve the fuel economy of your vehicle and prevents costly downtime. Finding the right maintenance schedule is difficult since it depends on equipment, tank size, and fuel use. Bear Oil offers a FREE Fuel Assessment to test your tank for water & containments. This includes a personalized maintenance schedule so you can easily maintain optimal fuel quality. We specialize in keeping your fleet powered and running at its best.

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