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How Your Business Can Prepare For Hurricane Season

hurricane evacuation route

Businesses located in Central and South Texas must protect employees, customers, and property during Hurricane season. The season begins in June and runs through the end of November. This means staying vigilant almost half the year. You need a plan should a storm threaten the Texas coast with heavy rains, flooding or tornados.

Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail

The first step to protecting your business, staff and customers is having a plan in place. A team at the company should develop a plan that makes sense for the size of the company and logistics involved.

Fuel management also plays a critical role in your hurricane preparedness plans. Landfall anywhere along the Texas or Louisiana coast can impact fuel supply nationwide. Having enough fuel on hand to be operational is a major factor to consider.

Hurricane Preparation Tips

Preparing in advance for a hurricane is serious business. Life and property are at risk so every precaution should be taken. The Texas Hurricane Center offers tracking searches and advice for being prepared.

eye of hurricane

Here are some basic tips that we can all keep in mind during the 2023 hurricane season:

  • Have an organized evacuation plan (including pets and animals) if needed.
  • Have a check-in method established with employees, business neighbors and family.
  • Stay tuned into local media for reports and progress.
  • Keep batteries on hand to operate equipment and radios.
  • Don’t let fuel in vehicles, tanks, generators, and other equipment reach critically low levels
  • Establish a relationship with a fuel and lubricant provider before an emergency
  • Board up buildings, secure equipment, boats, or other outside objects from winds.
  • Store drinking water.

For more information on preparing for a hurricane, visit these resources:

Hurricane season 2023: Here's everything to prepare you in South Texas

Hurricane season is here. The time to plan is now.

For more information fuel management preparedness, contact Bear Oil Company.

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